ADEPT represents local authority chief officers who manage some of the most pressing issues facing the UK today. The expertise of ADEPT members and their vision is fundamental in the handling of issues that affect all our lives.

Operating at the strategic tier of local Government, ADEPT members are closely involved in crucial transport, waste management, environment, planning, energy and economic development issues. ADEPT is a centre of technical expertise with its members ensuring that much of the nation's vital infrastructure is managed, maintained and constantly improved; and we work with central government and the private sector to help plan, fund and deliver the infrastructure to drive the UK's economic recovery.

ADEPT membership is drawn from all four corners of the United Kingdom. Members are responsible for:

  • three-quarters of the road network
  • two thirds of the land area
  • just under half of the population of England and Wales.

ADEPT aims to represent members' interests, by responding to European and UK Government initiatives and consultations, by promoting initiatives aimed at influencing Government policy and through the development of best practices.