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Proving Services is a small research organisation based at Cranfield University. The organisation has worked extensively to develop sector-leading, research-based tools and processes which are used extensively across the private and public sector. ADEPT has entered into an exclusive partnership with Proving Services, to offer membership of best practice research groups and benchmarking services to ADEPT local authority members. This blog provides regular updates on the partnership’s activities and progress.

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Proving Services - a new framework for waste delivery

4 November 2020

Proving Services is looking for waste authorities interested in piloting a new framework for future service delivery options.

Over the last year, Proving has interviewed a number of waste authorities at county, unitary and district level finding that developing a useful benchmarking tool for two-tier or large authorities/waste partnerships is going to be difficult to achieve at a low cost. In part, this is because there is so much individual context (e.g. scale and diversity of collection authorities, partners and financing, disposal policy, length of contract etc.) that many of the factors and scores would need an accompanying narrative and explanation. A Value for Money assessment has been successfully completed in a trial setting with the intention that it can be used for forward planning and future service delivery options, so Proving are looking for more waste authorities to take part in a piloting programme.

Proving will continue to explore how useful benchmarking can be developed in this sector. The initial focus will be on small unitary councils and waste partnerships. However, we would be pleased to work with any authority wishing to develop their performance monitoring and benchmarking capability. Over the last year, Proving has successfully developed a framework and toolkit for the evaluation of future service delivery options. This has been deployed extensively within the highways sector but the challenges and issues identified also apply to the waste sector.

Proving are seeking waste authorities who may wish to pilot this approach. Please contact Karen Farquharson in the first instance ([email protected]).

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  • 3 June 2020

    Strategic Options Analyser toolkit

    In 2018, ADEPT entered an exclusive research partnership with Proving Services (Proving), offering best practice research and benchmarking services to ADEPT local authority members. Since that time, the partnership has grown significantly, with over 31 local authorities actively participating in research groups. 18 months on, the partnership is proud to announce the launch of its new Strategic Options Analyser toolkit.

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  • 3 April 2020

    Highways Innovation Conference 2020

    On Thursday 27 February, ADEPT and Proving Services held their first Highways Innovation Conference, sponsored by SSE Enterprise. The conference was well attended with 41 representatives from 28 local authorities and organisations, including the DfT.

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  • 2 March 2020

    Proving Services Blog: The FHRG Pop-Up Survey (Clarion) Process

    In conjunction with members of the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG), Proving has developed a new approach for capturing timely and accurate data that reflects the views of all citizens, not just the unrepresentative, repetitive and vocal few who tend to complete external surveys.

    The Pop-Up Survey Process (PSP) conducts targeted (stratified) on-street surveys, collecting perceptions, views and priorities of asset users, local citizens and business, and community groups.

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