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A message from David Bishop, ADEPT President 2014/15

 “The role of Place based services in transforming local communities, for the benefit of local people, has never been more important to Local Authorities, particularly in the context of the UK economic recovery from recession, the emergence of LEPs and the single Growth Deals.  However, as we know the challenge of meeting our local Leaders aspirations has never been greater given the financial climate, and Strategic Place Directors are having to be ever more creative, resourceful, and indeed assertive in ensuring we succeed in meeting our Council’s ambitions.

To me therefore, the case for ADEPT as an inclusive organisation for Strategic Place Directors across the length and breadth of the UK has never been stronger.  Showcasing what we do, influencing the future government on policy, and providing information, advice, and indeed a supportive network for all of us, such an organisation could clearly be an invaluable resource in helping colleagues win the day to day battle.

ADEPT is being transformed accordingly, to be more effective as the “go to organisation” representing Place Directors in all top tier Authorities, aiming to have a more credible national profile, and be more impactful for our members as a result.  We clearly need more colleagues to join us from all parts of the country and all types of Strategic Authority if we are to be able to talk as a truly national body, and so as new President I am making very sure we reach out and engage colleagues in meetings across the country over the next few months. 

ADEPT can I believe provide a unique voice in the ear of Government as we occupy a privileged position managing a whole range of linked professional services, at the crucial interface between Local Authority, LEP and Government.”

David Bishop, ADEPT President 2014/15

Who Are ADEPT?

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) represents local authority county, unitary and metropolitan Directors who manage some of the most pressing issues facing the UK today. ADEPT membership is drawn from all four corners of the country. The expertise of ADEPT members, our vision and drive is fundamental in the handling of issues that affect all our lives. Operating at the strategic tier of local government, we are responsible for delivering public services that primarily relate to the physical environment and the economy, but which have a significant impact on all aspects of the nation’s well-being.

At the local level, ADEPT members, with our wide-ranging responsibilities and cross-cutting professional knowledge, have a unique understanding of the opportunities and barriers facing their respective places. Because we start from a place-based approach, we automatically join up policy areas that in Whitehall are spread across a number of different Departments.  We therefore see ourselves as having a key role in supporting and helping to deliver sustainable economic growth and quality of life and are keen to work with Government, business and the voluntary sector to make the most of the opportunities available.

ADEPT is influential with central Government for the remits of economic development, transport and communications, planning and housing, and the environment, providing an umbrella organisation to express a professional opinion to Government via direct engagement and through the development of best practices. To this end, we have regular bilateral meetings with senior civil servants in central Government departments including DCLG, DfT, DECC, Defra, HMT, BIS and the EA.  We also regularly engage with other professional organisations and trade bodies.

ADEPT represents members' interests by proactively engaging central Government on emerging policy & issues, promoting initiatives aimed at influencing Government policy and through the development of best practices and responding to European and UK Government initiatives and consultations.

ADEPT’s position on delivering sustainable economic growth

View our “Prospectus for Growth”, the Association’s position for the next twelve months on the Government’s agenda

UK focussed

Although our members are predominately from English authorities, we are closely affiliated with CSS Wales, the Society of Chief Officers of Transport in Scotland (SCOTS) and the Northern Ireland Road Service.  Senior figures from these organisations form part of ADEPT’s Management Board

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