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PACE: The Place Leaders’ Programme

PACE: A joint venture between ADEPT and Amey

About the programme

The Place Leaders’ Pioneering, Action-orientated, Creative and Entrepreneurial (PACE) programme is a joint venture from ADEPT and Amey. Launched in 2023, the PACE Programme aims to create space for senior place leaders to find strategic solutions to the wicked issues facing the public sector.

Designed exclusively for place directors and senior leadership, two of the fundamental principles behind PACE is to influence the future of place-focused strategies and support place leaders in driving change.

Programme objectives

The objectives of the programme are to create a space for thinking, to support places leaders in driving change and to increase cross-sector understanding through debating similar challenges and sharing successes.

Further information

Programme outputs

The programme outputs will be available after each session. 

Cohort 1 - 2023

Cohort 2 - 2024


The Place Leaders’ PACE Programme replaces the Excellence in Place Leadership (EiPL) programme, which was delivered by ADEPT in partnership with Amey. The programme ran from 2020 to 2022. You can find out more about the EiPL programme here.

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