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Live Labs 2 - themes and projects

Four interconnected themes

You can watch the introductory video about the themes here. Seven Live Lab projects are working across the following four interconnected themes:

  • UK Centre of excellence for materials – providing a centralised hub for research and innovation for the decarbonisation of local roads materials, developing a knowledge bank, real-life conditions testing and sharing and learning insights.
    Lead LHAs: North Lanarkshire Council & Transport for West Midlands
  • Corridor and place-based decarbonisation – a suite of corridor and place-based decarbonisation interventions covering urban through to rural applications, trailing, testing and showcasing applications within the circular economy and localism agendas. 
    Lead LHAs: Wessex Partnership (Somerset Council, Cornwall Council, Hampshire County Council), Devon County Council and Liverpool City Council
  • A green carbon laboratory – examining the role that the non-operational highways ‘green’ asset can play in providing a source of materials and fuels to decarbonise highway operations.
    Lead LHAs: South Gloucestershire Council & West Sussex County Council
  • A future lighting testbed – a systems-based examination of the future of lighting for local roads to determine what assets are needed for our future networks and how they can be further decarbonised across their lifecycle. 
    Lead LHA: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Seven projects

The Live Labs 2 projects that have been awarded a share of the £30m funding are:

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