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Adaptation Pathways - video

Together with the Environment Agency, we have developed an introductory ten minute video, which aims to assist local authorities in understanding and implementing the adaptation pathways approach to manage flood and coastal risk and create resilient, thriving places.

The video includes animation to simply explain what an adaptation pathway approach is. It explores how the approach can benefit local authorities, supporting placemaking and adaptive planning for all sources of flood risk.

The adaptation pathway approach allows decision makers to take action under climate uncertainty, identifying what actions can be taken now, and in the future, to plan and adapt to climate hazards.

You can watch the video here:

The video is part of the Environment Agency’s £8m Adaptation Pathways Programme, which is developing long-term plans to adapt and invest in flooding and coastal change in four strategic locations. To find out more about the adaptation approach, please visit: Adaptation Pathway Programme | Engage Environment Agency (

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