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ADEPT consists of a number of subject and sub-national boards that reflect ADEPT’s remit. The diagram here illustrates the Association’s structure for 2023/24 (updated January 2024).

Leadership Team

On 1st April 2022, ADEPT become a company limited by guarantee. It has five directors: the President, Immediate Vice President and 3 Vice Presidents.

The Leadership Team has retained its current constituency. That includes the President, Immediate Past President, Vice Presidents along with the chairs of the Regional and Subject Boards, CCS Wales, SCOTS, the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland plus the CEO. Its role will be to continue to act as a consultative body, advising the Board of Directors on behalf of the wider membership, to: 

  • ensure the effective running of the Association
  • take an overview of its affairs
  • to help determine policies.

The 2022/23 annual review and 2023/24 forward plan are here.

Presidency of ADEPT

  • In May 2023 Anthony Payne became the ADEPT President, taking over from Mark Kemp, Hertfordshire County Council.
  • Ann Carruthers (Leicestershire County Council) is the 1st Vice President.
  • Karl Battersby (North Yorkshire Council) and Angela Jones (Westmorland & Furness Council) are the 2nd Vice Presidents.

Their roles are set out here.

Anthony Payne's presidential priorities for 2023/24 are:

  • The inter-relationship, tensions and integration required to balance off the push and pulls of making places work, to be sustainable and to prosper.
  • The funding requirements, solutions and opportunities to deliver joined up solutions for place delivery.
  • And our greatest asset, our people. 

Subject Boards and Regional Boards

Click here to find out more about each of the subject boards and regional boards.

Governance and constitution

Click here to see our Governance Framework.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Constitution.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Subject Board Expenditure.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Travel & Subsistence.

Click here to see ADEPT’s Policy on Freedom of Information requests.

Click here to see ADEPT's Finance Reserve Policy.

Click here to see ADEPT's Privacy Policy.

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