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Future Highways Research Group

Future Highways Research Group: a partnership between ADEPT & Proving Services

FHRG prospectus2

ADEPT and Proving Services have been in partnership since 2018. Under the umbrella of the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG), ADEPT members can freely access the findings, analytical tools, datasets and thought leadership generated by research coordinated by Proving Services.

FHRG, attended by sector leaders, offers opportunities to debate, design, develop and test innovative solutions to prevailing and emerging challenges in the highways sector.

The main aim is to give ADEPT local authority members the chance to support strategic transformation, drive the implementation of sector-based innovation and deploy continuous value for money improvements.

FHRG and the Value for Money Benchmarking Club is a single research and benchmarking membership with an all-in annual fee of £4,950 + VAT. The annual membership fee provides unrestricted access to the research outputs of the FHRG and will also include an independent, biennial VfM Assessment, as well as access to the anonymised VfM benchmark data.

Please take a look at our prospectus for further information about FHRG.

You can find out more about the research club activities on the Frequently Asked Questions page and also look at our current research and themes.


The exclusive partnership between ADEPT and Proving Services has been designed to offer significant benefits for all ADEPT local authority members, including:

  • Software toolkits & research - access to a range of software toolkits, best practice and unique, evidence-based research papers for free, or at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Influence - the chance to support strategic transformation, the implementation of sector-based innovation and deploy continuous value for money improvements.
  • Research Groups - the opportunity to take part in and benefit from Research Groups.
  • Financial savings for local authorities – the annual membership fee represents a significant annual saving of 33% for combined membership. 

Proving Services

Proving Services is a small research organisation based at Cranfield University. The organisation has worked extensively to develop sector-leading, research-based tools and processes which are used extensively across the private and public sector. You can find out more about their current research programme by looking at the Frequently Asked Questions.

For further information, please visit the Proving Services website.

To find out more:

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