Membership Benefits

Membership to ADEPT offers numerous benefits to you and your organisation 

- A real opportunity to contribute to government policy, consultations and initiatives

- Share best practice, experience and technical expertise with colleague regionally and nationally through working groups and panels

- Networking opportunity with corporate, public sector and political partners

- Use of ADEPT's extensive online resources and networks. ADEPT has entered into an exclusive partnership with Proving Services, to offer membership of best practice research clubs and benchmarking services to ADEPT members.

- Research and Development. ADEPT provides opportunities for Local Authority participation in research and development programmes. The SMART Places initiative recently secured £25m for Local Authorities to test digital innovation & technology on local roads.

- Leadership Development. We want to prepare and inspire upcoming Directors to take the next step in developing their careers through our latest Inspiring Place Directors Development Programme, in partnership with SOLACE.

Vacancy Advertisement. ADEPT members will be able post their organisation’s latest vacancies on the ADEPT website as part of their membership package.

Who can join

  • Local authority directors with strategic service responsibilities for planning, transportation, environment, waste management, economic development throughout England.
  • LEP and Combined Authority chief executives / strategic directors
  • Sub-national Transport Body chief executives / strategic directors 
  • Former local authority directors who have now retired but still want to be involved with ADEPT
  • Former ADEPT members who now work within the private sector or outside of local government in the public sector

ADEPT also offers a Corporate Partner Membership option, with more information available here.

If you have any questions on membership, please contact us or download further information on the benefits of membership here.