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Boards and Groups

Within ADEPT’s structure there are two types of board: Subject Boards and Sub-National Boards.

These enable ADEPT members across the country to come together to formulate policy and advice to government and to share best practice.

Both Subject and Sub-National boards report periodically to the Leadership Team.

The main areas of work of the Subject Boards are covered by specialised Working Groups. You will find more information on these Working Groups below.

For an overview of all boards and working groups please see the board structure chart.

Subject Boards

The subject boards take a lead on key strategic issues and policies and/or operational matters within their remit. Attached to each subject board there are a variety of specialised working groups and panels each with a more specific remit. For example, the Environment Board has sub-groups for water, waste, energy, green infrastructure and resilience.

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Sub-National Boards

Sub-National Boards provide a focus for regional groupings of practitioners who undertake much of the detailed workload.

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