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Lunch & Learn with Arcadis - slide pack

Category: Meeting Literature


Using AI to optimise Transport Plan Delivery Plans

Against a backdrop of more constrained revenue budgets, increased capital spend requirements and carbon budgets, the way in which LTP schemes are selected and sequenced will be incredibly important. Transport Authorities need to create delivery plans that deliver the best return on investment across their portfolio, whilst contributing to the required outcomes set out in broader strategy (social, environmental, economic). This is no easy task and requires dexterity to balance viewpoints and objectives. This presentation outlined how Arcadis has been working with Birmingham City Council and others to leverage decision-support software to navigate these choices and maximise outcomes – empowering officers with evidence through rapid scenario testing, driving stakeholder collaboration in a decide & provide setting, and achieving early impact against cumulative goals (such as carbon).

You can see more information about the transport strategy optimiser here.

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