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Liverpool City Council: ‘Ecosystem of Things’ driving a low-carbon economy


Corridor and place-based decarbonisation.

Local authorities:

Liverpool City Council.

Project description:

Liverpool City Council and project partners will target the challenge of decarbonising highways delivery and the road asset in complex city contexts, demonstrating that this benefits the local economy and people. ​The project will realise an ‘Ecosystem of Things’, a scalable and transferrable systems mapping and optioneering approach at city-level to introduce innovations offering the greatest impacts within individual schemes.

This spans design, public spaces, materials/process technology, recycling infrastructure and critically the legal, contractual and procurement processes that need to be implemented across local authorities nationwide so that decarbonisation initiatives can be successfully adopted as business as usual, leveraging collaboration across different scales enabled through the combined programme structure within the Corridor and Place-based theme.

Project value:


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