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ADEPT calls for certainty on planning fees rise to support stretched departments

30 June 2017

Simon Neilson, new President of ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport) today called for clarity over the proposed rise in fees for planning applications. 
“Our ADEPT members recognise that many housing and regeneration developments are already on hold due to the current volatile political situation, and as the full impact of Brexit is yet to emerge, many investors are deterred from committing funds. This is not helpful to our local economies. Our businesses and investors need certainty and they need commitment. 
"The proposed rise of 20% for planning application fees was a welcome part of the Housing White Paper, but uncertainty remains over its implementation. For local authorities, it would be a vital source of revenue to shore up stretched planning departments across the country. While we accept that for some, paying more for planning might not be top of their wish list . But there is clearly a balance to be had, and it is essential that we retain the expertise, knowledge and adequate resources for the planning system to run efficiently, supporting and enabling sustainable development. By removing the uncertainty around these potential fees and ensuring there is a fresh, ring-fenced investment into the skills and system of planning, the process can be improved, helping developers and the local economy alike."