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ADEPT response to the Raynsford Review

16 May 2018

ADEPT notes` that the striking conclusion drawn from the work of the Raynsford Review to date is that the current planning system in England does not work effectively in the long-term public interest of communities, or the nation. We are pleased to see that our contribution has influenced the report and its nine provisional recommendations.

Peter Geraghty, Chair of the ADEPT Housing, Planning and Regeneration Board said: “ADEPT believes that growth must be inclusive, sustainable and high quality if it is to be successful. A holistic approach to economic, housing and environmental policy is essential to the overall strategy of delivering sustainable and inclusive place-based growth. The Association welcomes the detailed work that has gone into the review and hopes at a time when the government is considering a new Planning Policy Framework it will inform that work.”

In its submission to the Review, ADEPT said: "The manner in which the planning system operates does not deliver sustainable development in the long-term public interest. ADEPT considers that the government should re-assert the objectives of the planning system to best manage land-use in the public interest in a contemporary way that recognises our reliance on private sector investment and delivery – and how this relates the national objectives for growth. The adversarial nature of the planning process is wasteful. A more collaborative approach should be adopted with the focus of effort being put into improving plans and schemes. Public interest should be at the heart of the planning system.”