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ADEPT/Proving Services present an Introduction to the Future Highways Research Group

8 January 2021

Friday 5 February, 1pm-2pm

ADEPT and Proving Services entered into partnership in 2018, to offer membership of best practice research clubs and benchmarking services to ADEPT local authority members.

Among the benefits offered to ADEPT members is the opportunity to join the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG).

The FHRG is growing – in age, number of members, and breadth and depth of research. In addition to the 26 LAs engaged in active research, the research partnership between ADEPT and Proving Services enables all ADEPT members to access and utilise the research outputs. The FHRG research programme continues to be driven by the priorities and challenges faced by members and the strategies and technologies being adopted by the sector. Climate change, services funding, smart places, future services contracting, and skills shortages dominate the discussions of sector leaders within the FHRG.

Join us on 5 February to find out more about the Research Group.

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