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Live Labs blog: No more slacking! ADEPT Live Labs Communications Workshop

6 August 2019

Following the Open House mobilisation session that kicked off the Live Labs project, the first communications workshop was held on the 17th of July.

Hosted by WSP, in its Birmingham offices, it was attended by all project and communications leads from the respective local authorities.

The session was opened up by Giles Perkins, Head of Future Mobility at WSP who set the theme for the day - all things communications! Giles highlighted the Department for Transport’s ongoing involvement and its funding, commitment and support for the programme and for the various projects as they begin to trial and evaluate their ideas.

Discussions through the day focused on how to make communications work for everyone and echoed the Live Labs core themes - innovation and collaboration.

Each Live Lab will be responsible for promoting its own project, but also for talking about the whole programme, highlighting how local authorities are working in partnership to develop new approaches across SMART communications, energy, materials and mobility.

Coast Communications talked through the branding, communications strategy and protocol for the project, setting out the programme’s overarching messages that will be fused with each of the Live Labs’ own localised messaging.

Slack, the platform for communications between the programme management team and the Live Labs, is now finally up and running. It will also act as the collaboration hub throughout the programme, enabling all the teams to share information, news and progress as each of project develops.

Finally, we are now social! The official Live Labs twitter is now active, so give us a follow @adeptlivelabs (we’ll follow back.) There will be loads of content, keeping you up to date with the latest activities and news from the different local authorities and updates on the general progress of the whole project, as it begins to take shape. 

Watch this space!

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