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The practice of netting hedges and trees - ADEPT comment

11 April 2019

ADEPT does not support the practice of netting hedges and trees. We believe that for a sustainable future, it is essential for us to recognise the value of our natural capital, which includes our environment, wildlife and plants.

We fully support the need to build good quality new homes quickly, but netting should not be used where it might present a potential danger to birds and other wildlife. If it is absolutely necessary to remove existing hedges and trees, works should be timed to avoid Spring when birds are nesting, in line with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

ADEPT supports the principle of biodiversity net gain. Wherever possible, existing networks of hedges and trees should be retained in new developments, respecting the homes and feeding sites they provide for wildlife on the site. Green infrastructure should be enhanced and protected or, where this not possible, replaced.

It is not only our wildlife that benefits from protecting our environment, the physical and mental wellbeing of people living and working in new developments is also improved. We all need access to green spaces.