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2 December 2019


ADEPT / Proving Highways Innovation Conference 2020

The Future Highways Research Group (FHRG) is preparing to share its research and research-led tools with the wider ADEPT membership at the ADEPT / Proving Highways Innovation Conference 2020. This will be held at Cranfield University on 27 February 2020 and is free for all local authority ADEPT members. This will be an all-day event, with guest speakers and case studies from both inside and outside the highways sector.

With so much recent change and so many emergent challenges and opportunities, the conference will provide highway services' leaders with expert insights, detailed analysis and pragmatic software toolkits - all free for ADEPT members.

The agenda is available here and local authority members can reserve their place here.


Highways Value for Money (VfM) Benchmarking Club 2020

During 2019, ADEPT has supported and promoted the Highways VfM Benchmarking Club. This has grown significantly and now has 35 local authority members. The Benchmarking Club provides its members with the tools and frameworks necessary to assess services performance in five dimensions: economyefficiencyeffectivenessstrategic value and stakeholder value. From these assessments, authorities (and their partners) can plan services improvements and benchmark themselves with similar organisations.

During 2020, we will be introducing many improvements, including:

  • A new, calibrated, highways services assessment factor set
    • Incorporating new assessment categories for climate change and air quality
  • New, benchmark-able, quantitative measures
    • As critical indicators to support the core qualitative assessment
  • Reintroduction of peer reviews; to support and inform VfM assessments
    • Currently in design, planned for introduction in Q2, 2020
  • Links to the “Big Picture”, being developed by the Future Highways Research Group
    • Allowing the incorporation of NHT Data, Pop-Up Survey Scores and other data important sources

The Benchmarking Club is open for local authority members to join, so please apply!


Future Highways Research Group & VfM Benchmarking Club: One Membership

Proving Services, as hosts and facilitators of both the FHRG and the Highways VfM Benchmarking Club, are considering re-integrating these institutions. Since its inception, the FHRG has been free to members while the VfM Benchmarking Club has charged a small annual fee. The FHRG will consult with its members during Q1, 2020 about reintegrating the VfM Benchmarking Club within the FHRG. The same annual fee will cover both FHRG membership and the costs of a certified, on-site, annual VfM assessment. Certified VfM data will be used to shape future research programmes.


Next Meeting of the Future Highways Research Group

The next meeting of the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG) will be on 22 April 2020 and will be for members only. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information please contact Simon Wilson ([email protected])