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Blueprint Coalition calls for political parties to empower local authorities to tackle climate change

ADEPT, and its partners in the Blueprint Coalition, is calling on every political party to commit to empowering local authorities to tackle climate change through devolving funding streams.

The Blueprint Coalition, an influential group of local government, environmental and research organisations, has published a new document setting out some overarching asks for all political parties to include in their manifestos.

ADEPT is part of this coalition – together, we are now turning our attention to the next general election. As the parties start writing their manifestos, we recognise that we have a key opportunity to influence how the next government engages with local government when it comes to delivering on climate.

The Manifesto Asks document calls on political parties to include the following in manifestos:

  • Recognition of the need for a place-based approach with adequate funding and support.
  • Commitment to a genuine partnership with local authority leaders through a more effective Local Net Zero Forum.
  • Commitment to reform and devolve funding streams, and increase flexibility, to enable local authorities to act at the scale and pace required.
  • All future devolution deals should include ambitious plans for place-based actions to reduce carbon emissions.

The Coalition has also set out a series of sector specific priorities in the document.

A webinar is also being planned - Where next for local climate action? This will be held on 12th July and will discuss the critical role of local government in delivering the UK’s journey to net zero, and the national policies that could help accelerate local climate action. Please click here for further details.

The Blueprint Coalition has also recently launched social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn where you can find our latest news.

To download the Manifesto Asks document, please click here:

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