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Transport & Connectivity

The Transport & Connectivity Board is responsible for all strategic issues relating to Transport and Connectivity; this includes road, rail, aviation, passenger transport, digital and utilities. Across these areas the Board leads discussions on the implications of, amongst other things, innovation, new technology, active travel, future mobility and accessibility. It also considers the range of funding opportunities and challenges and their implications on the services that local authorities can provide. There are clearly areas of crossover with other boards in relation to such issues as utilities, road safety, air quality etc. and the Board seeks to work closely with fellow boards where this is the case.

The Board is supported by five working groups:

  • Traffic Systems Working Group
  • Rights of Way Managers Group
  • Traffic & Safety Working Group
  • National Traffic Managers Forum
  • Digital Connectivity Working Group


The Membership of the Board includes:

  • Members of ADEPT who have chosen to be members of the Board
  • Chairs of the working groups
  • Representation from Department for Transport
  • Representation from LGA, ATCO and LGTAG
  • Board policy support officer

The board's full terms of reference can be found here.

Key Roles

Chair: Ann Carruthers, Leicestershire County Council ([email protected])

Secretary: Maria Bates, Leicestershire County Council ([email protected])

Group Documents

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